With the line of business that LKC SARL is primarily involved into, which is that of transporting human lives (bread winners) from and to work daily, a significant emphasis is placed on the kind of buses that are required for such activity to be undertaken in the most safely and secured manner.

The satisfaction of our commuters is of paramount importance to us and we cannot equally undermine nor overlook the importance of adhering to all the legal and contractual requirements we are subjected to, to the satisfaction of all the stakeholders involved.

With this in mind, LKC SARL boasts a fleet of 56 commuter buses and recently acquired 3 new luxurious buses making it 58 buses in total, and still counting, thanks to the support of various stakeholders and that of our administration and operations support teams.

To this day, still with the backing of all our capable stakeholders, an experienced, ever growing and constantly trained professional workforce, a young and thriving macroeconomic environment and a consistent emphasis on safety and quality improvement, the company has positioned itself as the market leader in delivering outstanding mining personnel transportation services. As a matter of fact, LKC was awarded the first trophy of the best workshop in 2019 from a major mining client, proof of what is stated above.

Bus Hire

We provide various bus sizes for hire where clients can choose from according to their needs. Customers can choose between a 30 – 40 seaters bus and a 50 – 66 seaters buses. With a combined growing fleet of over 60 commuter buses serviced and maintained according to manufacturer’s standards and checked for roadworthiness at approved and regular intervals, LKC SARL does not compromise on the safety and the security of all its passengers. It is therefore significant for us to underline that we adhere to very strict safety and security regulations set internally with the help of accredited professionals in the industry and together with our clients according to their specific safety and security requirements.

Vehicle Rentals

As part of our constant effort to broaden the scope of quality transportation services offered in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, we have recently launched a new vehicle rental (hire) service where prospective clients can now directly request rentals of pick-ups vehicles and buses for their daily needs. We have on offer few Toyota Land-cruiser 79 single cabs and various medium and large size buses that you can choose from for your company or personal needs.

Support Team

We cannot offer complete transportation services without the support of a competent workforce that are directly linked to the service offering. It is therefore crucial to highlight the critical role that our drivers, mechanics and admin personnel play daily in this regard. Therefore, our entire workforce are respectively trained to remain up to date with their respective skills. They are equally screened and tested for critical and specific conditions following a set of robust protocols. It is therefore important to note that we do not hire just anybody with a driving licence or anyone with a certificate or degree in any field. We consider only those candidates who pass our rigorous tests put in place together with the help of professionals in the industry and in line with local and international best practices.

It is important to note that LKC SARL values its workforce. We reckon that we are nothing without the people we work with, either our personnel or our clients. We believe that all stakeholders should be treated with utmost respect regardless of their social status and/or their cultural affiliation.



Farming has always been at the heart of LK Corporation SARL. We believe that this industry plays a critical role in the development and emancipation of Democratic Republic of the Congo and that of any other country for that matter. Rather than solely focussing on profit maximisation as a company, we direct our attention on the research and the production of high quality and healthy processed or raw food options for various types of consumers. It is with the above in mind that we have embarked, since early 2016, on the development of this department within our company by the prospection of both the local and the international markets with the aim of acquiring exceptional farming lands locally and various farming equipment internationally. The prospection of the international market was also aimed at farming skills development and research with reputed microbiological laboratories for studies related to the crops of our interest.

This exercise has yielded the desired results by the acquisition of exceptional farming lands in the Lualaba, Haut-Katanga and the Haut-Lomami provinces and equally so, we have acquired various agribusiness equipment to suit the farming projects that are already in their execution phases as well as the skills and expertise needed for this purposes in the midst of the current environmental challenges. In addition to the traditional crop farming, LKC SARL has also been involved into fish farming since 2000. It has adequate infrastructure for fish farming that has been available since then and still is to date. However, the development of this project into full operations had been put on hold since 2010 for strategic reasons. We are planning to resume with these activities in the last quarter of 2021.


Grains and fruits (and their derivative products) are the primary crops that LKC SARL is currently busy studying and developing. As mentioned in the introduction part of this segment, the current climatic conditions call for adaptative measures that can only be obtained by adequate research and training for the development of crops that are healthy for human consumption, yet environmental friendly. This farming (agriculture) research and development exercise will forever be an ongoing activity within LKC SARL as we believe that the current environmental and health challenges of the century deserve all our attention for a productive and healthy humanity.


LKC SARL has the skills and the experience to offer all-round metallurgical (mineral processing) services to mining company dealing with processing plant challenges. Our technical services could be summarised but not limited to the following: